Shipping Times
USA 5-7 Business Days
International 10-15 Business Days
Haven't Received Your Tracking Number/Status?
We are currently processing your order. It may take 1-3 Business Days to process your order at this time.
How Can I Track My Order?
You can track your order here.
What Is Your Refund Policy?
Refunds must be requested from our Customer Service Department ( within 7 calendar days of receiving your item. These calendar days start when your item shows "Delivered" according to your tracking number. If your item comes damaged we will replace it for FREE.
What About Customs Tax?
Shipping is FREE, but Customs' Tax on international shipments are the customers' responsibility and vary depending on the country.
How Can I Speak To Someone About My Order?
Visit our 'Contact Us' page for all of our contact information. It is best to reach us via Email, Phone, or Facebook Message.
Do you offer gift wrapping?
Currently, we do not offer gift wrapping services.
Can I Pay For Rush Shipping?
Unfortunately, at this time rush shipping is not available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
I Would Like To Purchase A Sold Out Item, When Can I Do This?
We typically re-stock all items every week. If there is an item you would like to get notified on when it arrives, please email us and we will notify you when the product becomes available.